Le temps de vivre


My, La Belle

Located in the heart of the small village, this cottage for 2 people is housed in an old barn.

Outside, a pretty garden will allow you to enjoy the fresh air in complete peace and quiet. Inside, the choice of layout is of minimalist elegance. For the owner, the renovation of this old building is first and foremost a choice of heart: it is a second home, in which a need for serenity and intimacy is expressed. Nothing is done here to catch the eye at all costs. However, the white of the walls can only give life to organic materials such as wood from old doors, textiles, natural stone or ceramics.  An artistic touch discreetly adds to the natural atmosphere. It is illustrated by a sketch, a drawing or a statuette.

A place you can easily imagine in winter, by the fire. In summer, it is an anchor point for magnificent walks or bike rides to large hilly areas.


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