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1 heure 36 min pour venir en vélo de Furfooz, Belgique (15,9km)


Fagne Famenne

You are now on the southern edge of the Calestienne, near the Viroin River in the Fagne region. The limestone and slate village gently climbs on south side of a the broad valley, protected from the winds by the ridge.

Province: Namur
Township: Philippeville

Located in the heart of a preserved environment amidst an open landscape, Fagnolle is set in an openfield setting with a wooded ridge, sparce hedges and isolated trees. Full preservation of the rural architectural tradition of the 18th and 19th centuries define a perfect setting for a days walk. Listed sites include the Church of St. Martin or the laundry bassin. Under the village, in the center of the muddy plain, a crown of trees hide the ruins of Fagnolle castle. 

Be shure to head for the center of Marienbourg to continue your journey, whrere you will find the tastes of the region.     

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Syndicat d’Initiative de Philippeville
Bâtiment "Les Halles"
Rue de la Balance, n° 2/C
5600 Philippeville
Tél. : + 32 (0)71 66 23 00 

Maison du Tourisme Pays des Lacs

Route de la Plate Taille, 99

6440 Boussu-lez-Walcourt

+32 71 14 34 83