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History has always made a difference between the two, although today Thon and Samson are compose a single entity. Yet, a careful look at their respective settings and building types will reveal differences that have survived through the centuries.

Province : Namur
Commune : Andenne

Touching the banks of the Meuse river, gracefull today, was a blessing in feudal times. As roads were scarce, the Meuse was the "Highway" of the times. The Samson valley has split the massive limestone cliffs bordering the river, alowing an smooth entrace to the Condroz plateau, and creating an ideal setting for fortresses to be built. Ruins remain on both sides, offering spectacular view on the Meuse valley.

Samson has chosen an aliance with this river: grain mills and blacksmiths trived in this setting, shaping goods before their transport to urban centers. Thon on the other hand, is closer to a tipical village of the Condroz region, dominated by farmhouses, great and small. 

© Photography: 5 Christian Collet / 1,7 François Delfosse / 2-4,6,8-11 PBVW




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