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Land of traditions and future.

The village of Our nestles at the bottom of the Our Valley, which has been gently eroded over time. The valley floor is covered in typical Ardennes buildings; the steeper sides are covered in forests. You get here by crossing two half-moon stone bridges. Centring around the parish church and enclosed within a bend in the river, Our has kept its old low-rise sandstone houses. Overlooking the village, Saint-Laurent Church has been a listed monument since 1983.

Between the village and mill, Our has created a narrow pass. Here, a chaotic jumble of rocks hinders the course of the river. Its clear waters quickly work their way between the smooth stones, swirling in the dark gaps and forming small waterfalls. (Source: DUVIVIER DE FORTEMPS J.-L., La Lesse Ardennaise, Presses Duculot: Gembloux, 1985). To see these sights, many walking and cycle trails leave from the centre of the village and cross the valley and neighbouring forests. The restaurants, which have particularly high standards, also make Our a real gourmet highlight providing unforgettable memories.




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