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1 heure 36 min pour venir en vélo de Furfooz, Belgique (15,9km)



Set atop a hill defined by a meander of the Semois River, the village's name Laforêt, or "Theforest" originates as a clearing in the middle ages.

Still surrounded by woods, the village is loosely centered arround the church. Two streets extend from the high and low water basins, all under one name, rue Saite Agathe.  

Paired with the massive farm houses, the wooden sheds are idle tabacco driers: because of freqent autunm mists, the process was slow, enshuring the quality and taste of the final product.  

The "Pont de Claies" or "Hurdle Bridge" was originaly built in order to acces fields on the oposing bank of the Semois. Reconstructed each year for the summer season, it now gives acces to a postsigned geological promenade. 

Far from main roads, the village is a perfect place to let the kids wander about freely. Here and in Vresse-sur-Semois, all in walking distance, you will find nice places to take a meal or a drink you will remember. 




Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Bouillon en Ardenne

Quai des Saulx, 12

6830 Bouillon

+32 61 46 52 11 

Centre culturel touristique de Vresse-sur-Semois

Rue Alberty Raty, 83

5550 Vresse-sur-Semois

+32 (0)61 29 28 27

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