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1 heure 36 min pour venir en vélo de Furfooz, Belgique (15,9km)



Chassepierre, showcasing the Semois! The charming village of Chassepierre sits in a narrow valley opening onto a stretch of the Semois. The dazzling white of the church punctuates the lush green landscape. In summer, the village hosts the "International Street Art Festival", the oldest in Europe.

Chassepierre probably owes its name to the two Latin words "Casa Petra", which mean "stone house".

2.5 miles from Florenville, the quaint village, a favourite with artists, has some interesting architectural features, including several 18th- and 19th-century houses, Saint-Martin Church and its cemetery, the presbytery and old village mill. The 1702 church stands in the centre of the old cemetery and has a tower with a Baroque spire. At its sides, the double-fronted presbytery is imposing in size with two storeys dating from 1790. To the rear, it overlooks two charming 18th-century houses built on the banks of the Semois.

Below the church, Le Trou des Fées is a network of underground tunnels dug by man in the cron (limestone rock), offering an exceptional insight into the tertiary period. They continue under the foundations of the old mill and join the presbytery, where they merge into the cellars. Le Trou des Fées and ruined mill have been restored and incorporated into a self-guided tour. The mill has been converted to host plays, concerts and similar.

The Florenville–Bouillon road running through Chassepierre overlooks the village by some 165 feet. It offers beautiful panoramic views, including one of the prettiest bends in the Semois and a characteristic view over the first particularly steep cuesta.




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