Marcel Tellier - Paintor, sculptor and ceramist

His artistic backgrounds reveal an insatiable love of learning and self-improvement.

Around the age of forty, he became a regular visitor to the Academies of Huy-Liège and Namur; they provided opportunities to meet and interact with emeritus professors and students passionate about creative art. A graduating of the academies, this septuagenarian completed the six years of lectures in Sculptural Ceramics and his third year of Chromatics at Namur Academy. Earlier he graduated after eight years of painting, six years of sculpture and six years of ceramics. He also completed the full History of Art programme at the same time.


In practice

Marcel Tellier - Peintre, sculpteur et céramiste
49 Rue Ste Agathe
5550 Laforêt
Phone : +3261501888

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