The Virelles Aquascope

Virelles Aquascope, an unmissable opportunity to find out more about the natural world !

Inside: interactive discovery space to learn through fun and dive into the aquatic world with big-screen showings of the film "The Four Seasons of Virelles" and temporary exhibitions (nature photos, paintings, etc.). At weekends and during the school holidays, our nature guides offer you a 45-min guided tour including live footage from the pond, nesting boxes or bird table.

Outside: observatory and watchtower with telescope to observe the birds, guides to aquatic environments, Moses walkway to explore life underwater, treetop walkway offering another view of the forest environment, educational trail taking you on the road to sustainable development…


In practice

Aquascope de Virelles
42 Rue du Lac
6461 Virelles
Phone : +32 (0) 60 21 13 63

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