RIVEO ( River Interpretation Centre)

Plunge into the mysterious depths of the river. Discover all the secrets of aquatic life in the Riveo centre in Hotton, in Luxemburg province.

Located at the bottom of the Ourthe in Hotton, our river information centre introduces you to the beautiful but little-known nature all around us. Think that a pond only has a few waterlilies and frogs? Think again. Those small expanses of water are teeming with life. You just need to stop and look! The flora and fauna combine to create an unspoilt aquatic environment.

A 40-ft. mock river with sixteen aquariums will show you the fish in our rivers. You can also check out the flora in our exceptional themed gardens covering over 1,500 sq. m.

©Photographs: Riveo


In practice

4 Rue Haute
6990 Hotton
Phone : +32 (0)84 41 35 71

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