Remember Museum

The Remember Museum opened its doors on June 12, 1994 and was inaugurated by Bennie Zuskin, veteran of the First US Infantry Division.

This fact could have been insignificant and anecdotal if it wasn’t for an extraordinary human side of a very different trip, reared in your ears with the stream of words of Mathilde and Marcel Schmetz as they are the creators of the project. Indeed, there is nobody going through the museum without one of them because each part of the displays (more than 70 mannequins !), each flag, clothing or items are part of a real story and are connected to people whose name, face and history can be seen in the museum. There are more than 500 frames of « then and now »of young soldiers in uniform next to their picture as grandfather. That’s why the Schmetzes are in touch with hundreds of American families who are giving on a regular base items attached to a story.


In practice

Remember Museum 39-45
4 Les Béolles
4890 Clermont
Phone : + 32 (0)87 44 61 81

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