Fourneau Saint-Michel

The estate, which has been open to the public for over thirty years, covers around fifty hectares and has three main focal points. First, the site offers total immersion into a beautiful natural setting in the heart of the Saint-Hubert Forest.

Then there's the museums: the open-air museum and iron museum. The first is based solely around old buildings, which were taken down in their original village and rebuilt on the estate or from scratch. There are about sixty presenting life in rural communities and artisan workshops, displaying 50,000 collectors' items and providing work areas for the staff. They're organized into eight (ten if we include the two in the pipeline) typical hamlets with the traditional rural Walloon architecture south of Sambre and Meuse: houses, farms, chapels, schools… As for the iron museum, which is being currently restored, it fits in perfectly with the origins of Fourneau Saint-Michel, which still has an incredible 18th-century blast furnace, an exceptional illustration of the old iron industry. Finally, continue your visit by enjoying the leisure activities with three restaurants, a playground and events throughout the season that bring the estate to life, and give you the opportunity to appreciate all the expertise and talent of the artists, artisans and staff at Fourneau Saint-Michel, who are all eager to help you enjoy this journey through time.


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Fourneau Saint-Michel
4 Fourneau Saint-Michel
6870 Saint-Hubert
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