Viroin-Hermeton Natural Park

Viroin-Hermeton Natural Park is currently formed by the Viroinval area and includes eight villages.

It extends over 12,000 ha and is home to several nature reserves with a marked sub-Mediterranean influence on the mesoclimate, fauna and flora. The Natural Park is surrounded by the Philippeville, Couvin and Doische areas. It also sits on the French border and the outskirts of Ardennes Regional Natural Park.

Two natural regions are represented within the park: from south to north, the Ardennes and Calestienne (or lower Fagne to the south). Over a short distance (twelve miles), we can see a huge variety of landscapes, plants and animals. The natural heritage is undeniable and several universities and scientific institutions have long been interested in its incredible diversity.

Destruction of the natural environment is one of the major reasons why plant and animal species are lost in a given area, but several studies show that the Natural Park is one of very few regions in the country to have conserved its natural heritage almost intact. Maintaining the mosaic of environments (hardwood and conifer forest, grasslands and heather, calcareous grassland, wet meadows, vast cultivations, etc.) provides an exceptional floral diversity linked to a rich and varied fauna. That theory has been tested on the ground for over a century now: the first biological inventories were made by naturalists in the south of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse in the 19th and early 20th centuries.


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Parc naturel Viroin-Hermeton
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