Plaines de l'Escaut Natural Park

Major sites of biological interest and outstanding natural beauty to be safeguarded, an ever-changing rural area, dense population and some extraordinary heritage !

Plans to create a natural park covering the areas of Bernissart, Beloeil, Péruwelz, Antoing, Brunehaut and Rumes slowly took shape. Reflecting the politicians' shared ambition, Plaines de l'Escaut Natural Park juggles the economic and environmental requirements, providing a forum for consensus and common ground for all the driving forces. Plaines de l'Escaut Natural Park is invaluable platform for sustainable development combining conservation of natural environments, improved quality of life and increased local resources.

Borderless nature!

What is a border when the woodlands, marshes and watercourses look the same, sound the same and are the same? In 1713, the Franco-Belgian border, one of Europe's most stable but also most artificial, separated populations speaking the same language and dialect, Picard, following a long shared history in an area with very similar landscapes and natural environments.

So don't be surprised if Plaines de l'Escaut Natural Park calls for the opening of the border that divides it (virtually) from its French counterpart Scarpe-Escaut Regional Natural Park. Their meeting within Hainaut Cross-border Natural Park commits both sides to integrated management of the border area with initiatives to conserve the natural environments, promote local resources, develop eco-citizenship, welcome the public and provide activities.

©Photographs: Mark Rossignol


In practice

Parc naturel des Plaines de l'Escaut
31 rue des Sapins
7603 Bon-Secours

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