Eau Blanche Valley

It’s the "Eau blanche" watercourse that formed this deep valley and the bend that’s home to the village of Lompret. Downstream its confluence with the "Eau noire" watercourse creates the "Viroin" river.

Eau blanche owes its name to the underground limestone in its bed. It's said to make the water look white...

The Eau Blanche Valley has a huge diversity of environments, including Virelles pond with its marsh alder and one of the largest reed beds in Wallonia. The site covers the typical forest environments of the Fagne depression and the steep riverside limestone of the Eau Blanche. It also includes meadows of hayfields and calcareous grassland.

Sources: The Biodiversity in Wallonia


In practice

Vallée de l'Eau Blanche
Rue fernand tilquin
6463 Lompret

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