Traditional two-part farmhouse

This building has retained its rendering and polychromy.

The plaster plays an essential role, providing protection against bad weather and concealing any flaws in the masonry.

Date inscriptions

The village of Torgny is characterized by an impressive number of date inscriptions from the 18th and 19th centuries. As in most villages, the remains of old buildings were used as a source of stones for new homes. It's not unusual to find 'reused' date inscriptions that don't belong to the houses they now adorn.

Date inscriptions have two purposes. Firstly, villagers wanted to make their home different from their neighbours'. Secondly, we can see references to popular beliefs. The inscriptions are engraved with symbols designed to protect the house: stars, suns, winged sun discs and wheels are associated with fertility or good luck.


In practice

Ancienne ferme bicellulaire traditionnelle
10 Rue Pèchières
6767 Torgny

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