Ruins of Château de Montaigle – Exceptional heritage of Wallonia

Visiting the ruins of this imposing fortified château and Archaeological Museum will give you an insight into a fascinating medieval world. Information boards; Archaeological Museum; videos; models.

Over 100 sq. m, the museum presents the history of the site and monument with both a thematic and chronological exhibition of the objects found there (crossbow bolts, cannonballs, tools, pieces of crockery, medals, coins, stained-glass windows, paving stones, slate, jewellery, etc.). The museum also presents the fortress's architecture and the difficulties in saving a monument that's under threat.

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©Photographs: 1 and 3 Aerialmedia / 2 FTPN Christian Genard


In practice

Ruines du Château de Montaigle
10 Rue du Marteau
5522 Falaën
Phone : + 32 (0)82 69 95 85

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