Place d'Armes et souterrains de Philippeville

On the 1st of october 1555, more than 5000 men where diging the foundations of the Philippeville citadel. The site was chosen on a plateau, offering wide views. The streams nearby completed this ideal strategic setting.

Barring the road of the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse, Philippeville quickly became prone to invasion. Notheless, the city remained Spanish for more than a century. Folling the Pyrénées treaty in 1659, France takes control till 1815. 

The layout of the city includes 5 main walls fortified by bastions, forming an irregular  pentagon surrounded by tenches. Only two doors chanted acces to the city, in opposing sides. All main streets converge to the Place d'Armes (weapons square). 


In practice

Place d'Armes et souterrains de Philippeville
place d'armes
5600 Philippeville
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