Citadel created in 1546 by Mary of Hungrary, sister of Charles V, on the southern border of the empire, it faced Maubert-Fontaine, a French stronghold.

Designed by military architecs Donato Boni di Pellizuoli et Jacques Du Brœucq near the confluence of the l’Eau Blanche River and Brouffe River, it is based on a tetragonal layout of 300 by 200 meters, protected by four bastions and a moat.  

Thought by be inpenatrable, it is taken in 1554 by Henri II after only four days of siege: the commander Philibert de Martigny not having enough manpower to put the defences to good use. Taken by the French, the city is renamed Henribourg. The defence line fragilised, Charles V decides to build a new stronghold, Phillippeville and the Charlemont fort near Givet. 


In practice

Place Forte de Marienbourg
Place Marie de Hongrie
5660 Mariembourg

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