Gallo-Roman waystation in Chameleux

2.5 miles south of Florenville is the Gallo-Roman site of Chameleux.

The Gallo-Roman waystation in Chameleux stands in a peaceful forest basin beside the Franco-Belgian border. It was built along the old Roman road connecting Reims to Trier. It's thought that the road was built during Emperor Claudius's reign in around 45 AD. The discovery of a milestone at the Gallo-Roman site in Montauban-Buzenol in 1913 supported that theory.

Optional guided tours of the Gallo-Roman waystation in Chameleux dating from the first centuries AD: the site, Roman road, Gallo-Roman waystation, etc. Please contact


In practice

Relais gallo-romain de Chameleux
5 Chamleux
6820 Florenville
Phone : 061/31.12.29

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