Château Mascart or Maison espagnole

This remarkable brick and limestone building marks its position in the village. Built in the early 18th century in a traditional style with a hint of Baroque, the château may have been owned by Lobbes Abbey.

The crisscrossed windows and use of stone rubble masonry in the foundations show its age. A harmonious feel rises from the street level. The alignment of the facade and garden wall extend the sequence of buildings. Similarly, the use of limestone for the foundations, enclosing wall and doorway provides a natural and continuous connection between the private and public space.

Rectangular in layout, the large size develops over two storeys with four sets of crisscrossed windows, partly revised. The tall four-sided roof and wide foundations accentuate the impression of size and help the château stand out from surrounding buildings. Cornerstones, frames and limestone strips adorn the brickwork and add to the overall structure. On the west face, details in the masonry reveal traces of a crisscrossed window converted into an entrance.

Words and photographs: Mark Rossignol


In practice

Château Mascart ou Maison espagnole
2 Rue Lieutenant général Conreur
6532 Ragnies

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