Château-ferme de Falaën – Listed monument (Private property)

Built in the last third of the 17th century, this estate, once a fortified manor house, has retained some defensive features and reminds us of the time where our regions were subject to incessant battles and invasions.

Once surrounded by moats, this vast uniform quadrilateral in rendered bricks and limestone rubble masonry is flanked by four square towers (one of which is in ruins) and organized around a large courtyard accessible by a towered gatehouse. Here chains remind us of the drawbridge replaced by a bridge with three arches. We can still imagine the old drawbridge rollers driven into the facade. In the courtyard, the towered gatehouse offers three archways with semi-circular arches. This interior space opens onto a vast farmhouse redesigned in the 8th century to improve living conditions. To the left of the farmhouse, the large barn has a sizeable slate hipped gable roof. The outbuildings include stables and garages with a brick facade. Finally, in the centre of the courtyard, we can see the pillory, symbol of justice, which was originally located in a meadow close to the château where cases were heard in the feudal court. The estate formed by the château and its immediate surroundings has been a listed historic monument since 1972.
That status gives the château-farm official recognition for its historical value. 

Words and photographs: Mark Rossignol


In practice

Château-ferme de Falaën
13 Rue du Château Ferme
5522 Falaën

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