Château de Soiron – Listed monument (Private estate)

Mentioned as early as the 14th century as 'chasteal', the château was badly damaged by the 1692 earthquake.

It was rebuilt in the Louis XV style from 1723 to 1749 under the supervision of Nicolas-Ignace de Woelmont and his wife Angélique d'Argenteau, as shown by the coats of arms and date inscription on the pediment of the main facade. The L-shaped outbuildings with their two square towers built on the site of the old château in around 1746 are closer to the Louis XIII style.

Around 1857, Henri de Woelmont filled the moat and removed the drawbridge. The château still belongs to the same family.


In practice

Château de Soiron - Domaine privé
4861 Soiron

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