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At first, it was a sheepfold, acquired in the 1950s by Roger Deuxant, the dad of the current owner.

In 1960, for the numerous walkers who liked discovering the nature protected from the small village of Our, we began, during the weekends, to be of use omelets and other grills to the wood fire. "Le Clairval" had been born, and we hurried up soon both for the quality of its table and its wine.

This spirit of conviviality, it is the one that Nicolas Deuxant immortalizes around a card faithful to the one today who made the success of "Clairval". But it comes so at the moment in a wine bar. The purpose? Share with all the amateurs love which Nicolas, as Roger before him, carries this noble product. But stops in "Clairval", it also is to discover a magnificent small village from the Ardennes surrounded with forests. A village which, nevertheless, is made very accessible by its closeness with the highway E411.

Open of Friday evening to on Sunday afternoon.


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25 Our
6852 Our Phone : 061/ 53 32 75

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