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Siroperie Thomsin

In the heart of the Pays de Herve, there's an artisan syrup maker safeguarding the expertise behind authentic pear and apple syrup. At Thomsin, syrup has been in the family since 1884.

The manufacturing method is passed down from father to son and enhanced with technical advances and new discoveries. Even today, it's a seasonal activity alongside the owner's work as a carpenter. Step inside the workshop and you'll see an old hydraulic press from the early 20th century. With 400 kg/cm² of pressure, it gently ejects the juice of the apples and pears that have stewed overnight. On the sides, two wood and coal fires receive the copper vats and their strange anti-overflow system. The entire process is still carried out by hand: pulleys are used to remove the syrup from the fire, with the mahette as we say in Walloon, a sort of copper spatula, determining the consistency of the mixture. The large copper ladle, wood bucket and cooling trough have been used for decades.

Here tradition is more than a word. One day's syrup will be different to the next. The atmospheric pressure, direction of the wind, temperature… are just some of the many factors influencing the final result nearly 24 hours later. The syrup has a unique flavour. The high cooking temperature (almost 300°C) caramelizes the sugar in the fruit and gives that rich aroma.


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