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Saveurs de Fruits

A few miles from the Beautiful Village of Gros-Fays, Saveurs de Fruits is a small family-run and artisanal business selling its own wines, fruit, flowers, jams, jellies and other local specialities....

The main priority is the constant pursuit of quality and flavour. That ambition can be seen in the choice of raw materials, techniques and premises. Making fruit wine is an old tradition in the countryside. With jams, wines have long been a way to conserve the fruit from the garden whilst enjoying their benefits and flavours. The elderflower wine is the most surprising in the range, bursting onto the palate with 1,000 flavours… Its wonderful golden robe makes it an unusual but very popular aperitif. It's the ideal accompaniment for desserts and goes perfectly with foie gras. The delicate elderflowers are carefully cut with scissors as only the small white florets at the end of the umbel are used in the wine. Cheers!


En pratique

45 Rue d'Houdremont
5555 Bièvre Phone : +3261287640

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